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Monday, 31 August 2009

Ten Lessons from the Road – Alistair Humphreys

1. You want to do what?
Set yourself an outrageous goal today.
2. Just do it.
Make it harder to ignore your dream than to overcome the risks and obstacles involved.
3. Quitting is not an option. (But failure is.)
Only by going too far will you learn how far you are capable of going.
4. We walk alone.
You are the only one who controls your potential.
5. A bad day is a good day.
Earn the good times.
6. Be brutally honest with yourself.
Do you believe your own excuses?
7. What do you really want?
Does this year matter? Then use it!
8.Think like a goldfish.
Do not think about the end itself. Focus only on the next miniscule step that is needed to keep you moving on in the direction of your goal.
9. Shed a load.
Hit the Road. Get on your bike. Save the Earth. Save yourself.
10. The world is a good place.
Trust. Smile. Boldness and relentless passion will be rewarded

Alastair Humphreys left his home in Yorkshire in 2002 to set off on what would become a 4 year long, 46,000 mile journey across 5 continents.

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