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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Please don't forget we are raising money during our trip for 2 very worthwhile charities.

The first charity we’d like to help is El Shaddai. Based in Goa, El Shaddai help families to stay in their native state by providing them with water, education and income generating projects. They help abandoned street children by providing them with food, shelter and love and have already opened several shelters and community centres. However, more are needed and we hope to raise money for them so they can continue their good work.

Please help us raise money for el shaddai by donating from our justgiving page

The second charity we’d like to support is based much closer to home. Since 2006, the Unity centre has helped over 1200 asylum seeking families, providing practical support and solidarity. They have helped over 100 families return to safety in Glasgow after they have been detained by the Home Office. If someone is detained, they help contact their lawyer, friends and family, arrange for their belongings to be looked after and provide emotional support and encouragement. The centre is run entirely by volunteers and funded entirely by donations from supporters so any money we raise will go a long way to helping the continuation of the centre.

Please help us raise money for the Unity centre at our other just giving page:

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