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Monday, 10 May 2010

Radio interview - Mount Isa

Listen to our interview with Scott Rollinson on ABC North West Radio in Mount Isa. Click on the link below:

Full blog to follow soon


  1. Great to hear you two!! I'm glad your both well and not missing the bad weather and haggis too much. We're still thinking of you and hope your travels continue to go well - it's amazing your nearly a 3rd of the way already!

  2. YAY! The northeners didn't eat you!!!
    I was really worried there, when we didn't here from you....
    Although you've still to get to Darwin.... :O
    LOVE the interview!
    It was snowing here two days ago! So make hay my lovelies!
    We miss you and Love you very much!

    Antoni Ben Tibs (has mumps) Freya (waiting to have mumps)

  3. Wayhay soo funny to hear your voices, its like your here innt other room but really your on tinternet! Barney and I have just shed a few tears, well I was fine actually it was Barney the big wus doing all the crying (ha ha only joking. hope you're doing good you lucky buggers! b) See you soon guys love you XXX Jane

  4. awesome to hear you kids!! although, when he asked whether the motorists were being nice to you so far, i was waiting to hear you mention some of the terrible NZ drivers!!! can't wait to read about your adventure some more :o) jane xxoo

  5. oh my god! 8000k! you kids are amazing! really good to hear your voices. go ben! go margo! knockengorroch next weekend, it just won't be the same without you. jenny x x